Flamingo 3 in 1 Quick Detailer 500ml

  • Spray on & wipe off’
  • Desired shine
  • Excellent Quality
  • Easy to Use Spray

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48 in stock

48 in stock

Easy to Use Spray


This is an easy “spray on & wipe off” product. Spray

Spray very little Flamingo 3 in 1 Quick Detailer 500ml onto the paint, glass or chrome and spread, using a soft cloth or microfiber ever to buff off until desired shine is achieved. Flamingo 3 in 1 Quick Detailer 500ml is the most easiest Detailing product available in Pakistan. In addition, this is Excellent as a clay lubricant as well as a buffing pad primer.


  1. Simply spray on the car Surface, exterior or interior.
  2.  Wipe it off with a clean Micro-Fiber cloth

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 12 cm


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